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On Sunday, we asked Defense Tech readers to join in the search of adventurer and aerospace pioneer Steve Fossett, who went down in a single-engine, civilian aircraft more than a week ago.

He flew out of an air station in western Nevada without a flight plan and never returned.

In our post, we made readers aware of an effort to enlist bloggers and concerned Internet users into the search. Using Google Maps and other software, Fossett friends have been scouring thousands of miles of terrain.

Defense Tech reader Brian Neville sent us a note last night with the following coordinates, saying he thinks he might have spotted something.

Now, Im no photo-interpreter, but looking at the hazy image on Google Maps, it seems maybe hes got something.


38 degrees, 29 minutes, 45.05 sec North

119 degrees, 17 minutes, 40.96 sec West

elevation = 9976 ft according to Google Earth.

So far, neither Brian nor I have been able to find out whom to pass the tip along to and maybe its not a new one, as the Daily Telegraph has reported but Id ask other DT readers to help us pass this along and keep their eyes on the net for this aviation pioneer.

Let me know what you all find...

-- Christian

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