Pimp My Tank!



Heres one to read over a morning cup of Joe

When you absolutely, positively must crash that party you werent invited to, heres your ride.

Its sophisticated, yet rugged.

The white color scheme and United Nations logo stenciled on the side says Im willing to be reasonable about this. Someone must have forgotten to put me on the guest list. But the smooth-bore 120 jutting from the turret says: Though, if youre not going to let me in, were gonna have a problem.pimp-ride2.jpg

Comfortable Corinthian leather bench seats that can accommodate all your scantily-clad groupies - and thick glass portals to keep the paparazzi at bay.pimp-ride3.jpg

Oh, and did we forget the beverage cooler and milspec champagne bottle rack?

So when the pansies in Hollywood try to block your entrance to their post-production party in the Hills with their girlie-man Prius hybrids, just put this chick magnet in gear and drive right the hell over them.

(Gouge: CM)

-- Christian

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