Murtha Irked by CSAR-X


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A source tells Defense Tech that one of the most powerful lawmakers on Capitol Hill in defense matters, Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), has problems with the way in which the CSAR-X decision was made.

Our source tells us that during a brief press conference announcing the completion of the 2008 appropriations bill yesterday, HAC-D chairman Murtha expressed his frustration with the contract process.

Murtha reportedly said: "What we were worried about was the way it was bid. They bid [CSAR-X] for one company, and we thought it should have been more open."

Our source also tells DT that Murtha read Air Force chief Moseley the riot act, threatening to pull all CSAR-X funding if the program wasnt cleaned up. As it stands, the HAC-D removed $100 million of 08 funds due to protest delays.

-- Christian

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