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The Pentagon recently sent Congress a $1.7 billion reprogramming request. These are areas where the services take fiscal 2007 money away from some programs that can afford to be delayed, canceled or restructured and transfer those dollars to help boost other programs that can be sped up or more robustly fielded.

You can read more in-depth coverage of the reprogramming from the good folks over at Inside Defense, but here are some of the major moves:

Army Decreases:

$155 million in Reserve mobilizations due to reduction in needed forces by about 15,000 troops.

$92 million in Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter funding.

$4.6 in precision guided mortar funding.

Marine Corps Reductions:

$23 million for Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle.

$17 million for CH-53K Super Stallion.

Air Force Reductions:

$128 million for B-2 radar modernization.

$123 million cut from CSAR-X due to protest delays.

Army Increases:

$84 million to purchase 40 Strykers.

$38 million to purchase 38 Bradley fighting vehicles.

$16 million to speed up Viper Strike munitions for Hunter UAVs.

$3.9 million for AGM-114 Hellfire missiles to arm Warrior UAVs.

$23 million for Excalibur guided-155mm rounds.

Air Force Increases:

$129 million for increased fuel costs.

$12 million for Massive Ordnance Penetrator.

$6 million for LaserJDAM.

$22 million for Focused Lethality Munitions.

Navy Increases:

$205 million for Littoral Combat Ship.

$10 million for increased biometric equipment purchases.

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