The Wall-Crawling Bot



Yesterday it was Congo, today its Minority Report.

Well, sort of.

They dont look quite as creepy as the spider bots that crawled under doorways and scanned bath tub surfaces in the Tom Cruise hit, but you can see that it might only take a few years to make them that way.

A North Carolina company has developed a technology that can give robots the ability to climb sheer walls. Vortex Holdings, LLC ginned up the so-called Vortex Regenerative Air Movement technology that creates a tornado in a cup, making it possible for small payloads of up to 3.5 pounds to be adhered to walls.

But Vortex took the technology one step further, installing the VRAM device to a mobile platform one that crawls along the walls in any direction, even making the transition from vertical to horizontal surfaces.

Take a look at some of the videos.

Its easy to see the potential military and law enforcement applications of such a device, especially in urban fights where snooping around the corner and peering over that window ledge could mean the difference between popping the bad guy and hitting civilians.

Ill let DT readers decide whether this kind of thing could potentially result in unwarranted and excessive intrusion into civilian life.

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-- Christian

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