The Rising Dragon


Just in case you didnt see it already, the Pentagon released its annual Chinese Military Power report Friday.

One of the best China reporters in the country, Bill Gertz, wrote in the Washington Times that the report shows a robust effort by the PRC to develop anti-satellite weapons that can deliver a knockout blow to many U.S. military satellites.

Gertz writes:

According to defense officials familiar with the report, it also highlights new strategic missile developments, including China's five new Jin-class submarines, and states that Beijing continues to hide the true level of its military spending.

The officials also said that the report will detail how China is developing two new types of strategic forces that go beyond what nations have done traditionally using air, sea and land forces by aiming to knock out modern communications methods on which the U.S. military relies for advanced warfighting techniques.

China also is training large numbers of military computer hackers to deliver crippling electronic attacks on U.S. military and civilian computer networks.

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