The REAL Dragon Skin Alternative


First of all, I want to thank all you DT readers for your incredibly insightful discussions regarding the latest spat over Dragon Skin. Its such a pleasure to edit a site that draws such informed conversations that actually help drive the story forward.

So a big pat on the back to our readers, we appreciate it.

In fact, one of our savvy readers helped push the debate even further by tipping DT off on a whole new class of body armor that simply puts Dragon Skin and, frankly, all others to shame.

Foreign.Boy wondered why in the heck DT readers werent discussing the Trojan Armor system, invented by armor expert extraordinaire Troy Hurtubise. With all this hoopla about how Dragon Skin is the new wonder armor, how could such well-informed readers ignore the cutting-edge performance of this as yet unnoticed system?

After viewing the scientifically-precise laboratory field tests for myself, I cannot help but agree whole heartedly with (may I go so far as to call him my colleague?) Foreign.Boy.

Watch a report on the new suit below (and dont mind the weird cover shot on the video screen).

(Be sure to read the continued entry, you won't be disappointed.)

So Ive dug and zorched around the net based on FBs suggestion. And here DT readers can view for themselves in wonderment at this new armor. Im sure youll all agree that the folks over a PEO Soldier would be smart to drop everything theyre doing and launch a Manhattan Project-style rapid fielding initiative to get the Trojan Armor on our boys in the Box.

And, oh, from all of us at Defense Tech - have a great Memorial Day weekend, folks. Ill leave you with this added video we dug up showing Hurtubise testing early prototypes of the suit. Thank goodness he made such life-saving improvements!

-- Christian

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