To the Shores of . . . Catalina?

LCACs at Catalina.jpg

The Navy/Marine Corps team used their LCACs (Landing Craft, Air Cushion) in an unorthodox way during the recent brushfires on Santa Catalina Island, about 20 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. The military knew the quickest way to get vehicles over to the island was by LCACs from Camp Pendleton Marine Base down in San Diego County, so they offered their services to the local firefighters. Resultantly, they were able to quickly bring lots of fire equipment into the fight in a hurry.

All told, the sealift delivered close to 50 fire engines to the island (six per trip). Along with the air-tanker support (both fixed- and rotor-wing), the fire was just barely kept out of Avalon, the only town on the island.

(Gouge: MA)

-- Ward

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