Milbloggers Unite!


The second annual Milblog Conference kicked off today in Arlington, Va., with a surprise intro from President Bush.

Speaking via a pre-recorded message before a roomful of eager online pioneers, Bush stressed the importance of success in Iraq and thanked the inhabitants of the blogosphere for their efforts in getting their personal stories out.

Beaming smiles and giddy claps greeted the presidents virtual address from the largely patriotic crew of cutting-edge blog authors. Index fingers tapped furiously as the milbloggers produced live updates for their sites, no doubt showing off their new clout in this brave new virtual world.

The Bush address was followed by a similarly cheery update from Rear Adm. Mike Fox, who helps honcho the public affairs shop in Baghdad. He explained to the bloggers eager for war stories that the new counterinsurgency strategy is beginning to push back the evil and diabolical enemy America faces.

Were the good guys in this, he said to whoops and claps.

Keep a closer eye on the Milblogger conference with updated feeds and live streams at one of several links, including:

Bruce McQuain of Qando

Kevin Whalen of Pundit Review

Lorie Byrd of Wizbang

Streiff of Red State

-- Christian

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