Sad End to a Sad Week


We too often get caught up in the marvel of watching these select men and women fly and we forget that these aviators run the risk gauntlet much like those out in the fleet. Indeed, during the show the narrarator emphasizes that the flight maneuvers and displays are symbolic and representative of those maneuvers that are needed when flying from a forward deployed carrier.The aircrew realize this, as well. Prior to any recap during a debrief, when their turn comes up to speak, the Blue Angel pilots start off their comments with a "Glad to be here, Boss", an acknowledgement to their commanding officer that they are aware of the fact that they are indeed fortunate to represent the Navy and the United States in this venue and they recognize their comrades who are flying on the pointy tip of the spear around the world, without the crowds and the adulation that goes along with being a flight demonstration pilot, be it Blue Angel or Thunderbird or Snow Bird or Red Arrow or any of the teams.Don't forget to say a prayer this evening for the pilot's family.A sad end to a sad week.--Pinch Paisley

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