Boeing Says "Doh!"


Heres a test

Tell me whats wrong with this picture?BoeingAD-1-web.jpg

Its a full page advertisement that ran today in the Washington Post (and maybe other papers) sponsored by the Boeing Co. that calls attention to a program running tonight on PBS called Operation Homecoming.

From the ad:

Operation Homecoming is a unique documentary that explores the first-hand accounts of American troops who have participated in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

the film opens a profound window into the experiences of those serving in Americas Armed Forces

AMERICAN troops and AMERICAN armed forces

Now look at the picture again

The soldier is holding an AK-47

Doesn't look to me like it's of an American Soldier

A Boeing spokeswoman said the photo was provided by the documentary maker. She said they hadnt gotten any calls about it and had never noticed that it was not of an American serviceman.

Now, let me get this straight. Boeing makes practically every weapon the U.S. military uses today (I know Im exaggerating, but keep with me here). Theyre one of the lead systems integrators for the Armys Future Combat System program, so they know what todays troopers carry. With all that experience, youd think at least someone would have enough insight to raise their hand and say: Wait a minute guys, this isnt an American?

Thats a big oops for the folks over at Boeing

(Thanks to PC for the scan)

-- Christian

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