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Alright folks, I just cant resist.

Against my better judgment, I want to add some legs to the story we posted today on the imminent release of Jack (Keith) Idema - the notorious mercenary/self-proclaimed Super-Patriot from an Afghan prison where he was held on criminal charges for running his own little interrogation center/torture chamber.

I have been following this story for several years now, ever since Idema popped up early on in the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan as both a humanitarian worker who helped save National Geographic reporter Gary Scurkas life and a covert special operative for the CIA (or some other super-secret, unknown, three-letter OGA) that helped single-handedly secure victory over the Taliban and al Qaeda terrorists for U.S. and Northern Alliance forces.

The embarrassing book written by Robin Moore in 2003 titled The Hunt for bin Laden: Task Force Dagger unmasked Idema as the primary source for the pitiful account and sent the blogosphere swirling. (Thats Idema on the cover)

By the way, Moore is famous for his first-person account of Army SF indoc - the only journalist ever to undergo the famous "Q" course - in the book titled "The Green Berets."

One of the most brilliant investigations of Idemas various cons can be found at the Flogging the Simian blog. For years, the blog has tracked Idemas self-promotion and questionable connections. Is he a former Army Special Forces operator? Was he hired by the CIA/State/US government to help insert spec ops personnel into Afghanistan, track bin Laden with his own mercenary group of has-beens and wannabes, deliver humanitarian aid to war refugees in northern Afghanistan, etc?

You be the judge. But Ill tell you, this is one of the most entertaining and intriguing stories popping up during a long war that has since had very few of them. And with Idemas release, were sure to hear much, much more about the U.S. governments secret deals with said Super-Patriot to find the worlds most wanted men and single-handedly save America from the evil doers

-- Christian

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