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DT just received an update on the iPod armor story. I can't vouch for the authenticity of the post, but thought I'd pass it along anyway since many of you have asked about Apple's follow-up, etc.

The iPod was how Kevin Garrad found out he was shot. This is the real story.ipod-web.jpg

Kevin said he got into the fight with the insurgent and afterwards he did not know he was even shot. He said he returned to his bunk after the patrol, put on his earbuds and began to clean his weapon.

He said: you get into a ritual out there.

No music came on. He dug around in the pockets where he kept the iPod and pulled out the twisted hunk of metal that is in the pictures. He said that was how he found out that he had been shot during the fight. He was happy that his armor worked.

He said the upgraded armor he was wearing could stop the AK-47 round. It was not the newest armor that is in Iraq now, but it was an upgrade. This was his second iPod that he had brought to Iraq. The first had been damaged earlier and the store would not replace it, even with the additional warranty he purchased.

The pictures are what happens when an AK-47 bullet hits an iPod.


-- Christian

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