iPod Armor



Alright, how many gigs does it take to stop a 7.62 round?

Im not sure, but if you look at this photo, it takes at least 20G to slow one down.

The pic may have already made the rounds on the net, but its worth a second look.

How about a little Good Friday contest?

Question: How many more tactical uses are out there for the ever-popular iPod?

(Ill post the winning comments as they come in)

DT reader "mrnitropb" writes:

Use the chrome side as a tac mirror for looking around corners.Use it to listen to Arabic/Farsi language tapes. English track listings for Arabic phrases, choose an aproppriate phrase and share the earbud with person.Hook up a speaker for that "Ride of the Valkrie" effect before hitting a zone.

I have heard of use #3, though the tune was far more head-banging than Wagner...

...and "RJB1012" passes along his (tongue-in-cheek?) ideas:

turn it on and use it as a tactical light when entering a room

turning the ipod on and off so the light can be used for signalling

something to keep the POWs entertained....

take the old ipods, as an all out last resort, and just throw it at 'em

Keep 'em coming!

-- Christian

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