Israeli Army Ditching the M4


So it seems the Israeli army is dumping the M4 and jumping on the bullpup design bandwagon, fielding a new Tavor-built TAR-21 assault rifle to its troops that looks more like the Austrian Steyr and British Enfield L85 rifle.

This is significant because the Israeli military is one of the only other modern armies in the world that has fielded the M4 as widely as the United States. Its unclear whether the Israelis are changing their weapons because of the M4s notorious jamming problems, or if they were just looking to update their assault rifle with integrated red-dot/laser sighting and shorten the rifle which a bullpup design lets you do because the barrel and receiver is essentially in the butt stock.

But checking out the video, it looks like a pretty good piece of gear to me.

Headshots at 300 yards with a bullpup? The shooter may have been a former sniper, but thats still a tough shot to make standing up with such a short weapon.

(Gouge: WaZinn)

-- Christian

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