A Better Cammo Pattern?



We posted an excellent story today written by one of our contributors critiquing the Armys new combat uniform. Eric Coulson, who commands an engineer company doing some IED-busting in the sandbox, tackles the issue of the uniforms color scheme, construction and materials.

One thing he mentions is the under-the-radar popularity among some in the military of a new pattern called multicam. The Armys Natick Soldier Systems Center is looking at multicam for its defunct (sort of) Future Force/Land Warrior ensemble.

While the multicam looks good for a woodland - or even urban - environment, I wonder how it would work in the desert. The most popular desert pattern in Iraq is the Marine Corps desert MarPat scheme, which blends in well against the mud-brick construction of Iraqi buildings and can barely be seen through night vision goggles with a desert rock backdrop.

There are some photos out there on the net of operators wearing the multicam in Southwest scrubland, but thats with a lot of green around. Surely the folks at Natick are hard at work tweeking the multicam pattern for multi-environment use.

-- Christian

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