Bush Fires Rove: A Sunday Paper Exclusive


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In a surprise move, early Sunday the White House announced that President Bush asked longtime confidant and political advisor Karl Rove to vacate his position within the administration.

Effective immediately, Karl Rove is no longer part of the Bush White House, acting White House spokesperson Dana Perino said in a very brief statement early Sunday.

While the president was unavailable for comment at press time, he did hint at the move during his weekly radio address on Saturday. A great banjo player once wrote, The times they are a-changing, Bush said toward the end of his remarks. Change is, how do you say . . . good.

A Bush insider who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated that the president had grown tired of Roves polarizing counsel. The president simply realized he wants to be the decider not the divider, the insider said. And so its time for Karl to move on.

The source also mentioned that President Bush didnt care for how Rove styled his hair: More than once Ive heard the president quip, Nice mullet, to Karl.

Rove had no comment for the press corps as he made his way to his courtesy car for perhaps the last time, but he was heard to mumble, This is either the work of George Wilson or a really obnoxious April Fools joke.

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