The War We're In


Here I was preparing another post for DT when a message came through the net with this posting from my boy over at the Worldwide Standard , Mike Goldfarb, who gave us big props for the new editorial team here.

A longtime friend and colleague Pam Hess, whos been one of Washingtons top defense reporters for as long as Ive been in the business, just returned from six weeks in Iraq. I saw her the other day in the neighborhood and she looked a bit bedraggled from her trip still fighting jetlag and the culture shock of returning to a much safer existence.

Let me first say that she is no apologist for the Bush administration or its justification for the invasion of Iraq. Watching her as I have at many a Pentagon briefing, she puts the screws to every defense official shes questioning. But having been to Iraq myself, and having experienced many of the same things shes seen and done, I cant help but identify 100 percent with her impressions outlined below.

Its real evil Im just not sure what other word you can use for people who are shooting kids in the face

Its a long clip, but its worth every second to watch.

Pam is one of those reporters that doesn't take day trips to the field from a secure compound in Baghdad. She lives the entire time embedded with U.S. troops. It takes that kind of day-to-day existence and contact with the danger and hope of the battlefield to really understand what's going on there. And that clip from C-Span shows it.

As the president said in this year's State of the Union address, it may not be the war we started, but its the war were in now.

-- Christian

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