Hope for Amputees


The global war on terror particularly the war in Iraq has created a record number of military amputees. The horrific effects of improvised explosive devices have wreaked havoc on our troops, tearing bodies apart far more than they kill.

The militarys medical professionals have done amazing work on the development of prosthetics and rehabilitation, enabling many troops to return to duty where in the past they would have been medically retired.

A video making its way around the internet introduces an intriguing new entry onto the list of cutting-edge solutions for those whove lost a limb. It is unclear where this presentation was made, but scuttlebutt is Segway inventor Dean Kamens DEKA Research and Development Company has built a cyborg arm with near-human dexterity and sensitivity.

DT is tracking down details, but as this grainy video shows, the arm could revolutionize orthopedic medicine and dramatically improve the quality of life of our wounded veterans.

(Gouge: BH)

-- Christian

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