The Bat Boat

So, this is one we picked up from the been-there-done-that set over at Socnet.

Seems as if the Pentagons Office of Force Transformation has developed a space-age naval vessel using so-called M-Hull technology to provide a high-speed, low-draft insertion craft for special operators. Called Stiletto, the nearly 90 foot-long ship is built entirely out of carbon fiber, the biggest U.S. ship constructed with the lightweight material.


The secret to the design which looks more like the type of thing Batman would cruise down the Gotham City river is its hull form, which re-directs the bow wake to cushion the ride. At 40 knots for 500 nautical miles, that could make a big difference on your vertebrae. Manufacturer M-Ship Company says the Stiletto reduces crew shock by up to 50 percent.

But the sci-fi looking ship has its skeptics. Carbon fiber isnt exactly bullet-proof, and when youre inserting a team into enemy waters, ballistic restance is kind of important. The quad-screw propulsion system pumping out 1,650 horses is likely to sound like a B-52 coming in for a landing, and the lack of gun-mounts could concern special operators who rely on heavy firepower to overwhelm their enemy if it comes down to fisticuffs.

Its important to remember, however, that the transformation office is using the ship to experiment with and validate different technologies, tactics and configurations that could translate into future vessels fielded to special operations teams.

Check out an OFT briefing on the Stiletto here.

-- Christian

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