Navy Owns First Wave of Iranian Strikes


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William McMichael at Defense News is reporting on the notional details of how the first wave of strikes against Iran would go, and predictably, the initial burden rests on the shoulders of the U.S. Navy.

"The attack would probably come by air," the article states. "Waves of U.S. cruise missiles and warplanes loaded with smart weapons would swoop into Iran from the sea and land bases to destroy key nuclear facilities.

"Out in the Arabian Gulf, the U.S. Navy would wipe out Irans Navy in a matter of days. Irans air defenses could possibly take out a few higher-flying U.S. Air Force and Navy tactical jets before being located and destroyed.

"In short, the first round would go decisively to the United States.

"But it wouldnt be without serious repercussions. And the U.S. Navy would likely take the brunt of those. Its the unconventional threat that would vex U.S. sailors."

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The article also reminds us that the Iranians still have Tomcats with Phoenix missiles. American intel sources have previously reported that the Iranians successfully employed the Phoenix a number of times during the Iran-Iraq War, which would make the Iranian Air Force the only service to use that legendary missile in combat. (I, on the other hand, have used the Phoenix in the Puerto Rican Op Area to take care of some nasty drones that were threatening San Juan. Just doing my job, m'am.)

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-- Ward

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