Fun for Feds and Fathers (and Delta Force)



Not only is this tech in play in the GWOT, with prom season rapidly approaching, it also looks like a mandatory system for suburban households across the heartland.

This from the manufacturer's site:

"The Track Stick receives signals from twenty four satellites orbiting the earth. With this information, the Track Stick can precisely calculate its own position anywhere on the planet to within fifteen meters.

"The Track Stick will work anywhere on the planet Earth. Using the latest in GPS mapping technologies, your exact location can be shown on graphical maps and 3D satellite images.

"The Track Stick's micro computer contains special mathematical algorithms, that can calculate how long you have been indoors. While visiting family, friends or even shopping, the Track Stick can accurately time and map each and every place you have been."


Yes. That's why I need this device. Often I wake up and wonder, "Gee, where have I been and how long was I indoors before I wound up facedown on my neighbor's lawn?"

The company's website does mention an "oh, by the way" at the bottom of the homepage: "It is illegal to track someone without their {sic} permission."

Do our special forces and the CIA know that? They certainly don't want to get themselves into any more hot water.

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-- Ward

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