Chewbacca Arrested in Hollywood!


chewie_bagged_combo.JPGLos Angeles Police arrested a man dressed as Chewbacca on Thursday. His crime: Head-butting a tour guide on the Hollywood Walk of Fame "who told the character he shouldn't be asking a tourist for money," reports KABC-TV.A collection of oddball types roam the Walk of Fame, dressed like Tinseltown characters. They pose for pictures with out-of-towners -- usually, in exchange for a few coins. On Thursday, "Chewbacca was putting his arm around a tourist, and the tourist didn't want him there," explained a gaunt, dye-jobbed "Superman" to the Jimmy Kimmel Show. A Starline Tour employee told Chewie to back off. And as everyone knows, it's not wise to upset a wookie. "He head-butted him," Supes added. "The cops were called, and they came down, basically to arrest Chewbacca."The isn't the first time there's been an incident like this. Back in October '05, two gentlemen dressed as Elmo and Mr. Incredible were jailed for harassing tourists. And Chewie apparently had himself a bit of a temper."I'd see him get upset at people, like for not tipping. Like they'd walk off. And he'd get really pissed. Right there and then, take the mask off and start chewing them out, cussing," said a nasal-voiced man wearing a Scream mask. "Even in front of kids.""Now we want to make clear that this is not the actor who played Chewbacca in the movie, this is just the guy who plays him on the Hollywood Boulevard," a hapless KABC correspondent duly noted."I'm sure Han will come and shoot him out of jail and rescue him," Kimmel quipped.

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