Inside the Mind Control Conspiracy


For many years, national security experts, prominent scientists, and probably Dennis Kucinich, have received hundreds of e-mails that begin something like this: I am surveilled, harassed and gangstalked everywhere I go 24/7/365.tinfoil_study.jpgIve certainly received them, and Defense Tech has gotten its fair share, too.The letters typically state that the person is a victim of an organized mind control plot that involves weapons that beam voices into their head; shoot powerful pain rays at them; and often includes around-the-clock harassment and monitoring. One of the common claims is that the people are targeted by microwave weapons.What do most people do with these letters? Defense writer William Arkin says he hits the delete button when he gets those e-mails. Jon Ronson, author of the wonderfully wacky Men Who Stare at Goats has stated that mind control is an area that he doesnt want to get into. (This from a gifted writer who interviewed a man who believes the worlds leaders are extraterrestrial lizards in disguise.)What do I do with these letters? I read them, and this Sundays Washington Post Magazine has a cover story based on my nearly year-long investigation into their claims.I try to raise what I think are some fascinating questions about the Pentagons involvement in microwave weapons and the auditory effect (which could be used to send sounds or voices into peoples heads).As for whether there's any evidence that hundreds, if not thousands of people, are being targeted by microwave weapons, well, read for yourself.-- Sharon WeinbergerP.S. You might also want to reread David Hamblings fascinating take of recent bio-electromagnetic weapon work here.

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