Bush Authorized Anti-Iran Raids


I was a little skeptical, when some blog-buddies started worrying that the President had "declare[d] 'secret war' against Syria and Iran" in his speech this week. But events may be proving them right, after all."A recent series of American raids against Iranians in Iraq was authorized under an order that President Bush decided to issue several months ago to undertake a broad military offensive against Iranian operatives in the country, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told the New York Times

There has been a decision to go after these networks, Ms. Rice said...Ms. Rice said Mr. Bush had acted after a period of time in which we saw increasing activity among Iranians in Iraq, and increasing lethality in what they were producing. She was referring to what American military officials say is evidence that many of the most sophisticated improvised explosive devices, or I.E.D.s, being used against American troops were made in Iran.
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