Rapid Fire 01/11/07 (Updated)


* "http://www.breitbart.com/news/2007/01/11/070111141318.rm71vcto.html">Gated communities" for Baghdad* Afghan surge, too?* Carter: "As an Army captain, I learned to take risks, not gambles. And this really looks like a gamble. One where the odds are really long."* Ricks: Surge "could put U.S. military commanders in exactly the sort of tough urban fight that war planners strove to avoid during the spring 2003 invasion."* Kaplan: If Bush had delivered the speech "two years ago, he would have deserved praise for candor, equanimity, and breadth of vision. But given its actual timing, one can only wonder about his grip on reality."* More speech reacts, rounded up* "Hallucinogenic weapons" Doc speaks* Canuck coins bugged?* Privacy showdown looming in Congress* Gitmo detainee's YouTube defense* Israeli arms sales: $4.4B
(Big ups: BB)
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