Nuke Scarecrow Put Out to Pasture


Brooks_Linton_061005.jpgSecurity at the nation's nuclear weapons complex has been comically awful for years. But despite meth dealers caught with classified info, despite the barely-armed guards patrolling the Livermore Lab, despite the short-cut security drills at Oak Ridge, and despite the faked investigations at Sandia -- not to mention that pesky reporter who waltzed right into Los Alamos -- the guy supposedly in charge of security has somehow been able to keep his job.Until now. Linton Brooks, the head of the National Nuclear Security Administration, has been asked to step down by Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman. Brooks is "to submit his resignation... this month," the AP says.The nuclear watchdogs over at the Project on Government Oversight are understandably psyched. They've been calling for Brooks' resignation since 2004. "This is an opportunity for the National Nuclear Security Administration to finally live up to its name," said POGO chief Danielle Brian said in a statement.The NNSA was created back in 2000, after the Wen Ho Lee scandal and other security lapses hit Los Alamos. Maybe the group can finally start doing its job, under a new director. See ya later, Linton. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.(Big ups: Raw Story)

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