We Get Letters: French Sub-Makers, UFO-Spotters


While we silly Americans were busy clinging to our neo-pagan rituals -- decorated trees! oil lamps! dropping balls! bowl games! -- the intrepid scientific truth-tellers of France were hard at work, spreading the word about their world-shaking discoveries. Two of these researchers graced me with their communiques in recent days. And I now share these remarkable messages with you:close_encounters.jpg

=====================FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE=====================Contact: XXXXXXXXXUFOs Explained at LastAnti-gravitation, propulsion of UFOs, crop circles, abductions have scientific proofSince October 2003, over 6400 sightings of unidentified flying objects throughout the world have been reported, and, according to multiple surveys over the last several decades and from different countries, 5-7% of people report having seen a UFO - equivalent to 15-20 million Americans. But is there proof of such a thing? And what about other paranormal occurrences like crop circles, poltergeists, and even time travel? Author Eric Julien says there is science behind the paranormal and presents it in his breakthrough work, _The Science of Extraterrestrials: UFOs Explained at Last._ After more than 50 years of investigation, Julien posits that the fractal nature of time and its three dimensions led to the emergence of a revolutionary global theory: Absolute Relativity. Written for the layman but presented in a solidly scientific way,_The Science of Extraterrestrials_ highlights the mistakes of science and will furthermore offer insight into extraterrestrial technology. In his book, Julien methodically covers the following:Anti-gravitationPropulsion of UFOsAlien abductionsFormation of crop circlesStrange luminous phenomenaPoltergeistsGhostsPost mortem survivalTime travelPraised by the international scientific community, _The Science of Extraterrestrials_ is "probably one of the best books of ufology from a scientific point of view," said Pascal di Scala, a French professor of mathematics.About the Author: Eric Julien is a former fighter pilot trainee, a military air traffic controller, twin jet pilot in commercial aviation, station manager for an international airline company and airport manager in the great Parisian airports... He has had contact with extraterrestrials and shares in this body of work his understanding of the universe.
FWIW, I see that the French space agency will be "publish[ing] its archive of UFO sightings and other phenomena online." Maybe this monsieur's close encounters will be included.---
from: XXXXXXXXto: defense@defensetech.orgdate: Jan 2, 2007 7:50 AMsubject: Sub sea innovative project for civil and Defense strategies.We do register, as new start up French company, three patents for a very new system of absolute autonomous submarine drone, but more than that, an unlimited sized autonomous submarine *structure* available for all kinds of sea tasks, itself available as completed machine with embedded equipments for many different tasks.French Marine Headquarter is seriously interested in, but financial conditions are not allowed to start this project. We would like to be known in many countries and by many possible partners in the world.Meaddle East interlocutors are seriously interested by one version for drinkable water detection and captation for unlimited quantities, without pumping nor pipes at any depth (our technology), but we need strong partners to start and build a proptotype (around two millions Euros). Many options are already designed for Defense original solutions, as submarine rescue, heavy recovery, carrier ships protection, mine hunter or sleeping fire bases as coast undetectable patrolling units.Would you tell us if you can help us to find contacts for business ?
Sure I can tell you! No.
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