The Sound of Rummy


sound_music_i.jpgWe've all suspected for some time that our outgoing Defense Secretary is a very, very odd man. And that Fox News blowhard Cal Thomas is completely freakin' bonkers. There's further proof, after the jump, in this straight-outta-Wonderland exchange between the two. Julie Andrews, beware.

SEC. RUMSFELD: It's good to see you.MR. THOMAS: When you get things, you know, straightened out, come down and see a movie with us. I promise it won't be a war movie.SEC. RUMSFELD: What kind of a movie?MR. THOMAS: We got a movie theater we kind of like in our house.SEC. RUMSFELD: Oh, do you really?MR. THOMAS: Yeah, we decided we're not leaving anything to the kids, so we're spending it on ourselves since I earned it.SEC. RUMSFELD: Yeah, damn right. That's my answer. (Laughter.)MR. THOMAS: (Laughs.) There you go. And so we have this nice movie theater with surround sound --SEC. RUMSFELD: I've heard these home theaters -- you have chairs that --MR. THOMAS: Oh, they're fun. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah do that. You can sleep, you can do anything. It's very cool.SEC. RUMSFELD: My wife --MR. THOMAS: Juke box, all kinds of stuff.SEC. RUMSFELD: My wife loves movies.MR. THOMAS: Oh, good. Well --SEC. RUMSFELD: She goes all the time with a group of women, and I have not been in six years to the movies.MR. THOMAS: It'll be fun. I got one for you that'd you'd really love. You got it this Christmas. Get for her and watch it together. It's called "Akeelah and the Bee." Starbucks is involved in it. It's about a little African-American girl, 11-years-old, growing up in Crenshaw in LA... And they discover that she has this great gift of spelling. Laurence Fishburne is in it, Angela Basset. She goes out and redeems everybody... I'm sitting there I'm balling away. I'm cheering for the kid...I guarantee you I'll give you your money back if you don't love this movie. You will absolutely love this. It's got everything. There's not a white guy -- the only white guy in it is the principal of the school. Everybody else is minority, everybody else gets along.SEC. RUMSFELD: Did you like the "Sound of Music?"MR. THOMAS: Of course I liked the "Sound of Music."SEC. RUMSFELD: Well, so did I... People laugh at that.MR. THOMAS: Well, I want to you something. I stalked Julie Andrews for 40 years before I finally got her.SEC. RUMSFELD: Is that right.MR. THOMAS: On our shelf, a picture of us having tea together in New York.SEC. RUMSFELD: How long ago?MR. THOMAS: Two years. But I --SEC. RUMSFELD: She's showing her years.MR. THOMAS: Yeah, well -- no, she looks great.SEC. RUMSFELD: (Laughs.)MR. THOMAS: I waited for her outside the Majestic Theater in 1962 in the rain. That's when it started... And that's how I opened the letter to her, you know. So anyway, you got more important things to do.SEC. RUMSFELD: Good to see you.MR. THOMAS: Good to you see you, and let's stay in touch.SEC. RUMSFELD: Terrific.MR. THOMAS: And come and see a movie. You will love that one, I guarantee it. Merry Christmas.(Big ups: Dan Dupont)

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