Axe Does Lebanon


unifil.jpgI'm off to southern Lebanon for a couple weeks in order to check up on the U.N. force (including the bad-ass at left) that's supposedly keeping an eye on Hezbollah and intercepting Syrian infiltrators and Iranian weapons. With pro-Hez demonstrations only growing in Beirut, it seems that the U.N. force is at best ineffective and, at worst, an irritant to local Shi'ites. My job is to check out the U.N. forces' weapons and technology for Defense Technology International, but I'll be keeping my eyes open for other stories too. And I'll blog the trip once my boss at DTI, the fabulous Sharon Weinberger, gives me the all-clear. You can help underwrite my travels by buying my new book, ARMY 101, coming soon from University of South Carolina Press. Okay, enough whoring. Wish me luck!--David Axe

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