Greatest. Promo Vid. Ever.


The New York Times Magazine's "Year in Ideas" issue is online. And I've got a story in it. Not about military technology, this time. About a Japanese inventor, and the machine he claims ages wine, in a couple of seconds.This teeny-tiny piece had more than its fair share of hilarious research moments. The best of 'em had to be when I stumbled across this zany Japanese promotional video for the wine-ager. Behold, as a cuter-than-cute cartooon grandpa gets his drink on, while a little girl blinks her giant eyes, and gets all golly-gee. Complete with an overdub that would make Godzilla proud.Like the old man in the video says, "Mmmm. Well, let's start the consumption."A few other interesting tidbits in the ish. Defense Tech pal Clive Thompson takes a look at the Boomerang 'Bot -- and eats a little DT dust in the process (which is fine, considering I wrote up one of his ideas last year). Jonathan Shainin takes note of the CIA's "Ziggurat of Zealotry," and the infamously-fictional "Rods from God" space weapon concept.

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