Mind Control, Prisoner Experiment Okays


clockwork_orange_small.jpgHeads up, Navy scientists! If you want to perform "severe or unusual intrusions, either physical or psychological, on human subjects," you're going to need approval from the Under Secretary of the Navy.According to a memo unearthed by Secrecy News, that goes for "consciousness-altering drugs or mind-control techniques," as well. Ditto for experiments on "prisoners" -- even though the document says earlier that "research involving any person captured, detained, held, or otherwise under the control of DoD personnel (military and civilian, or contractor employee) is prohibited." The UNDERSECNAV's thumbs-up is also required for human trials involving "potentially or inherently controversial topics (such as those likely to attract significant media coverage or that might invite challenge by interest groups)."On the other hand, the Director of Defense Research and Engineering makes the call on "all proposed research involving exposure of human subjects to the effects of nuclear, biological or chemical warfare agents or weapons."So keep that in mind.

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