Rapid Fire 11/09/06 (Updated)

* Senate shifts* Laser surgery caused Tillman death?* Norks gave Beijing 20 minute warning* GPS sats detect nuke tests* More on the atomic meth lab* Snipers vs. body armor* Attack of the perv trackers* 80 mph bionic dolphin* All aboard the Underwater Express* Rerouting brains with implanted chips* Lasers heal tendons* Inside information war* What the election means for sci, tech
(Big ups: RC, Ryan, Gyre, NW, Schneier)UPDATE 2:59 PM: At PW's suggestion, I've just gone back and re-read the AP's story about the Tillman investigation. It's nightmarishly awful. "Key evidence including Tillman's body armor and uniform was burned," the AP notes. "Three of the four shooters are now out of the Army, and essentially beyond the reach of military justice".Worse still, "One investigator told the Tillmans that it hadn't been ruled out that Tillman was shot by an American sniper or deliberately murdered by his own men -- though he also gave no indication the evidence pointed that way."
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