Rapid Fire 11/01/06 - Updated Again


* Newark Screeners Miss 20 of 22 Fake Bombs and Guns* More X-48B Blended Wing Shots* Rogue Cosmic Ray or Email Could Bring Down Quantum Computer* Intelligence Community Tries to Open Up* New Al Qaeda Video Starring Bagram Escapee Coming Soon* Put Your Name on Mars* NASA Refurbishing Hubble in 2008* Kalamazoo Shoppers Unaware Guinea Pigs for Box Store Tracking* UAV Operators Get The Halo Treatment* Book: Houdini Spied, Fought Counterfeiters* Poison Peas Upgraded to WMD in Terrorism Exercise* Russia #1 With Bullet(s) in Arms Dealing
(Big ups: JH, RH, PWR, BeSpacific, EG)- Ryan Singel
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