Rapid Fire 10/12/06 (Updated)


* "U.S. government using LSD for interrogations?"* Pentagon's WMD-fighting war plan* Chicago: Panopticon, please (background here)* Baghdad violence at "all-time high"* Mortar starts big base fire* Same troop levels 'til 2010?* 650 gun-for-hire deaths* FBI has only 33 Arabic speakers* How to spot a nuke test* Norks threaten more trials* More than enough blame to go around* Russian bomber buzzes Alaska* Over 335 hot zone labs (background here)* "Army STRONG! Army SMASH!"* Dick Destiny vs. cyberterror scares* Thumbs up for Dragon Skin* New tools for counter-IED* Israel's "magic shield" vs. rockets?* Contractors rooting for Murtha* Energy Dep't slashes polygraphs* MIT gel stops bleeding, instantly* Trojan tracks VOIP calls* Oh no, Cory
(Big ups: SF, RC, Hambling, Haninah, Drudge)
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