China Wants Weapons Whizzes


Forget buying arms -- the real way to develop your military is buying arms designers.RMB.jpg The seems to be the verdict of China's People's Liberation Army, anyway.Remember the Australian Metal Storm system? You know, the one that fires more than a million rounds a minute? You might remember Sharon Weinberger used it last month as an illustrative example of her new Stupid Weapons Score Card. Presumably it scores pretty high on the scaleWell, I guess the Chinese Government disagrees with that assessment, since they reportedly offered the systems designer more than $100 million dollars to move to Beijing, after repeated attempts to by various pieces of equipment [and after Al-Qaeda just put out a recruiting call to all nuclear scientists with a jihadist bent -- ed]. Its hard to understand why he didnt head north to the Middle Kingdom after assurances like this: We dont need any Metal Storm weapons, we dont need any of the paperwork, none of that. What we want is you.If nothing else, I guess its good to be wanted.-- Matthew Tompkins

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