Dragon Skin: Proven Tough?


The seemingly-endlessly soap opera behind the new-fangled Dragon Skin body armor has taken yet another plot twist.ds_front.jpgIn our last episode, Army program managers in charge of a competing body armor system were publicly dissing the Dragon -- while they were in the middle of supposedly impartial tests to gauge the armor's effectiveness. "To anyone considering purchasing an SOV 3000 Dragon Skin - don't," one program manager said on an online forum. "I do, however, highly recommend this system for use by insurgents."But the National Institute of Justice, which has long rated bullet-proofing systems, has come up with a different opinion, according to Soldiers for the Truth. Within a few weeks, the NIJ will formally certify for Level III protection -- good enough to stop AK-47 fire. If I'm not mistaken, that would make the Dragon Skin the first soft armor, without plate inserts, to get that high of a rating. And it would certainly call into question the Army managers' disparaging remarks about the armor -- after Dragon Skin went from ballyhooed to banned to grudgingly accepted for testing, all in a matter of months. Stay tuned...

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