"Future Combat" Needs Info Chief


OCPA-2005-09-28-122149.jpgTalk about a thankless job. The Army is planning to spend $300 billion or more on a massive effort to make its forces quicker, lighter, and much better networked. The program, Future Combat Systems, has come under intense scrutiny -- and not just for its bloated budgets and constantly-shifting expectations. FCS is also an information technology undertaking for the ages, trying to link together countless thousands of next-gen tanks, flying drones, fighting vehicles, and robotic ground sensors all into a single "System of Systems Common Operating Environment."If you've got a head hard enough to think you can pull this off, give the folks at defense contractor SAIC a ping. They're looking for deputy CIO for Future Combat Systems -- "minimum of 15 years experience in both classified and unclassified enterprise information management" required."Proficiency with Microsoft products and common office software applications" is a must, SAIC tells job-seekers. "Candidates must possess excellent oral and written communication skills with the ability to communicate difficult concepts to various audiences; and, have the ability to accomplish tasks under limited supervision."Hmmm... $300 billion. Limited supervision. Maybe that job doesn't sound so bad, after all.(Big ups: Sailfast)

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