Rapid Fire 08/21/06


Greetings, earthlings. Back for another round of guest-blogging for Noah, who reports the following: "My honeymoon has been a blast... Pristine beach towns, 2,500 year-old temples, active volcanoes, swimmable grottos, etc. etc."Sounds terrible.Anyway, I'm the editor of InsideDefense.com and its companion NewsStand, for which I write the Insider. I'm also working on a new project, Inside Green Business, and I write regularly for Scientific American.A little Rapid Fire to start things off:

* Now even missile totals are being kept secret (more on this trend later this week)* What's next in 'the new Middle East?'* Hezbollah's cruise missiles 'reshaping global realities?'* More money for the Army?* Write as you fight!* 'Radiation Belt Remediation' plans cause a stir (note: related to this)* It's StrongAngel III time this week, in San Diego
Finally, kudos to Eric Umansky, a.k.a. the guy who write's Slate's "Today's Papers" column. Eric is a good guy, a fine journalist and a longtime friend of this blog. (He's also one of the great practicioners of the mini-headline: This is the guy who once used "Hand Jab" to describe stories on a limp handshake involving George Bush and Jacques Chirac -- the kind of headline you can get away with when you publish hours before your editors wake up.) Eric is moving on to a fellowship at Columbia, where he'll study national security and human rights. Then it's a year studying Arabic abroad. More here.-- Dan Dupont
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