UK aviation terror plot disrupted


A major terrorism plot was disrupted overnight in the United Kingdom, involving plans to blow up multiple flights from the UK to the United States. At least 21 people arrested by UK counterterror agencies. The plot appears to involve a device assembled onboard, using otherwise benign liquids and equipment - comparable to the mid-1990s Bojinka plot hatched by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The UK immediately imposed a ban on carry-on luggage on all flights leaving the United States and went to CRITICAL (the highest level, equivalent to 'Code Red') in their threat advisory system. The United States government has gone to 'Code Red' for all flights departing the UK (the first time Red has been used by the Homeland Security Advisory System), and 'Code Orange' for the rest of the aviation sector. The commercial aviation system is in chaos all over the world today.Check my regular site, Homeland Security Watch, for more detailed analysis and frequent updates throughout the day as the facts emerge. And the Counterterrorism Blog is naturally on top of the story with commentary and analysis.-- Christian Beckner

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