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I'm getting married next week. Then, it's off to Italy for the honeymoon. Which means no blogging for me until late August -- my biggest break, I think, since the site started.But Defense Tech will be in good hands, never fear. An A-team of guest bloggers is lined up to take over while I'm in the Mediterranean.

Week of 7/31: Haninah Levine and his wonkalicious buddies from the Center for Defense Information.Week of 8/7: The legendary David Axe.Week of 8/14: Bad science's bete noire, Sharon Weinberger.Week of 8/21: Inside Defense (and Inside Green Business) editor Dan Dupont.
You can contact any of 'em through the regular e-mail address, defense-AT- defensetech-DOT-org.Wish me and Elizabeth luck. And if you're looking to send us a wedding present, you can make a donation to fine charities like Soldiers' Angels, through this website right here.
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