Rapid Fire 7/27/06 (Updated)


* Ward, Ricks talk "Fiasco"* Hez "ambush" was "Hell on Earth"; "best Arab troops we've ever faced"* Israel nixes big ground op - for now* * Iran has the processor* U.S. gives up Net control (or maybe not)* Osama chills out?* Army's big gear lack* FBI hunts WMD* Plants vs. explosives* Drones vs. wildfires* Rocket racers face reality* Japan's new eye in the sky* Real-life Spider Men?* Self-healing spacesuits?* Trashing wikipedia* Brits' bunker-buster snit* Soviet sub base explored* Italy's Watergate* Global warming skeptics on the take* $1,318 a second for Exxon* GM still clueless* X-Prize for green cars
(Big ups: RC, SC, EH, BB, Glenn, HuffPo)
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