Insta-Blood for Israeli Troops


stretcher2.jpg"In about two years' time, Israel Defense Forces soldiers may carry with them to the battlefield packets with their own powdered blood," says Ha'Aretz."The idea is to take a soldier's blood, freeze it in laboratory conditions, take out the ice crystals leaving only the blood components. It will look like freeze-dried coffee in a little bag," said Lieutenant colonel Amir Blumenfeld, head of the IDF medical corps' trauma unit.Every soldier going to battle will receive a packet with his own freeze-dried blood as part of his mandatory personal kit, much like the staple personal bandage.When necessary, if the soldier is wounded in battle and needs blood, a medic or doctor could take out the dried blood bag, mix it with physiological water and inject the soldier with a transfusion of his own blood. Hey doctors: is this even possible? Weigh in here...

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