Rapid Fire 07/10/06 (Updated)


* Launch flop good for Norks?* DPRK missile range: wild-ass guess* Million man army, real Nork threat?* Japan mulls Korea strike* Russia offered DPRK nuke tech?* Perry still wants first strike* India's launches fizzle, too* $300 billion (and counting) for "Future Combat"* Explosives stolen from nuke labs* Two-way translators to Iraq* Europe's GPS codes, cracked* FBI wants more Net-tapping* Why data-mining won't catch terrorists* Darpa's synthetic aperture laser radar* War game aim: spook China* .50 cal = missile defense?* "Flapper" plane takes flight* Self-driving VW Golf* USB missile launcher* Osprey, coast-to-coast?* "Green America"* "Carbon Dioxide Heats the Earth" (1932)
(Big ups: RC, CP, Drudge, NKZone)
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