Double Cash for Less-Lethals

sticky.jpgGood news for makers and promoters of slime guns, sticky foam, and pain rays. Your days of being the Pentagon's equivalent of the kooky aunt, locked in the attic, may be coming to an end. It looks like Uncle Rummy wants you to start having supper with the family, after all.The Donald "has directed the Defense Department to prepare a new investment plan that significantly increases spending on non-lethal weapons, laying the groundwork for their wider use," Inside Defense says.

Sources said the resulting investment plan, which covers fiscal years 2008 to 2013, could double spending on nonlethal technologies...Last summer, the Defense Department issued its first Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support and directed U.S. forces to draw up plans to use non-lethal technologies in domestic missions, including those involving the protection of nuclear power plants and stopping suspicious ships in American waterways.U.S. Northern Command, which oversees homeland defense in the continental United States and Alaska, and U.S. Pacific Command, which is responsible for the defense of Hawaii and U.S. protectorates in the Western Pacific, have incorporated non-lethal weapons into their operational planning documents and concepts of operation.
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