Drones Over L.A.


Whadya get when geek diva (and Defense Tech shooting partner) Xeni Jardin meets up with exotic weapons godfather Sid Heal? Well, that's when then drones start flying over L.A.drone_lasd_013.jpgFor years, Sid, a commander in the L.A. Sheriff's Department, has been pushing novel means for fighting crime and controlling crowds. We're talking everything from super sonic blasters to slippery foams. Naturally, he's into UAVs, too. "Just this week, the [LASD] began using a drone called SkySeer for rescue operations and tracking 'persons of interest' during foot pursuits," Xeni writes.

On board the SkySeer's four-pound body is a GPS tracking system and tiny cameras that shoot digital video, then send it wirelessly back to the ground. Heal says the plan is to send that footage back to a networked command and control center, where deputies can monitor the footage remotely. Video may also be introduced as evidence in criminal trials.
Check out Xeni's pics from the scene, and her radio report of the meet-up, too.
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