Darpa vs. Canada

OK, maybe not quite. But Lynda Hurst does have a fun, fact-filled wrap-up of Darpa's future, and its history, in today's Toronto Star, The story is a super primer of the Pentagon's far-out research arm. Too bad she had to stoop to quoting some know-it-all blogger in the process.

"These guys have the freedom to think big, run wild," says Noah Shachtman, a New York technology analyst [yeah, right!] who runs Defensetech.org."They know some of their more outlandish schemes won't ever happen like maybe the armies of cyber-insects but they pick up important pieces of knowledge in the process."With a defence department budget of $600 billion a year, he says, "there is room for a place like DARPA, where the research is imaginative, far-out and sometimes creepy."
Playing at the El Macambo, and now this. Toronto has been very, very good to me.
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