No I.D.? No Sweat!


You know all those people at the airport who tell you that you've got to have ID to get on a flight? They're wrong. "You don't need identification to travel on an airplane," Defense Tech pal Ryan Singel discovers.Austin.Powers.NY.ID.jpeg"Who says? The TSA [Transportation Security Administration]. 'Passengers are allowed to enter screening area without identification,' TSA spokeswoman Amy Kudwa told this humble reporter today."

The TSA has told the [U.S.] Ninth Circuit [Court of Appeals] in two separate cases (John Gilmore & Daniel Kuualoha Aukai) that airport policy was to let people enter security areas without identification.Gilmore's Identity Project has been asking for volunteers to see if that was true... [if people really could get through airport security without ID.]Results, currently mixed. Dog-ate-my homework excuse with contrition gets you less hassle than a flat-out refusal seems to be the pattern, according to folks at the I.D. Project.So, if you want to fly without identification without telling any white lies, I recommend taking a hearty amount of fortitude and a copy of at least one of the rulings from the Ninth Circuit.
(Big ups: Bill)
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