Iran's Missiles: How Far Do They Go?

So let's assume Iran does get the Bomb. How big of a threat is that, really? Could the mullahs hook it up to a missile, for instance, and fire that sucker off at Tel Aviv?iran_missile_map.jpgArms Control Wonk Dr. Jeffrey Lewis tackles those questions in the second part of his trilogy on the Iran's nuclear capacity.

The bottom line: Iran might, might, be able to deliver a nuclear weapon against an Israeli city, but that would be at the extreme edge of their capabilities.Much more worrisome, I would think, would be the weapon delivered by terrorists, perhaps on a ship...Irans missiles arent that big, and its warheads arent that small. Without more testing of both, I think Iran would be hard pressed to deliver a missile to Israel, let alone Europe or the United States.That said, Iranwith low confidencemight be able to build a 500-1000 kg warhead could hit targets thoughout the Middle East, including Israel if mated to its Shahab 3 IRBM...This is, I think, the very edge of Tehrans capabilities and they would have very low confidence in either system.
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