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During his talk at the IFPA "New Triad" Conference, General James "Hoss" Cartwright mentioned his blog.cartwright_computers.jpgHow did I miss this?Back in March, "Timmer" at The Daily Brief noted that General Cartwright had been "talking up his Command and Control Blog (you couldnt get to it even if I did link to it)" and posted some guidance that Cartwright issued about not letting the chain of command get in the way the information he needs. (Another blogger, with the handle Sgt. Mom, noted that a blogging 4-Star isn't that odd.)Any way, the story bumped around the blogosphere (for example) before petering out.The Huntsville Times reported General Cartwright's blog in August after he mentioned it at the Annual Space and Missile Defense Conference.Cartwright's comments -- as reported by Timmer and the Hunstville Times -- suggest that he "gets" the potential for blogging.

"The first thing that came out was 'Don't post anything on that blog without clearance from the commander,' " Cartwright said. "We had to beat that down."The next firewall thrown up to Cartwright's blog were responses that came from only senior staff officers like captains and majors "giving me only what their commanders wanted me to hear," he said. "I called that the 'tethered goat' response and it wasn't all that helpful."What I wanted was information and context to help with decision making. I can't wait for the perfect advice," Cartwright said. "If there is a bad decision then that's on me. That's my responsibility."Finally after "blowing the doors down and sitting on" the blog nay-sayers, Cartwright is getting what he wants from STRATCOM's Web tools, he said.
Of course, one doesn't become a flag officer (or anything else essentially political) without some skill at self-promotion, so grain of salt and all.I know that (and Arms Control, where this is cross posted) get lots of STRATCOM traffic -- so, folks, I'd love to hear about how the STRATCOM blogs are working. Drop one of us a line:jeffrey-AT-armscontrolwonk-DOT-com ordefense-AT-defensetech-DOT-org-- Jeffrey Lewis
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